Skin Care Tips That Can Help Prevent Aging


The moment we hit thirty all of us start worrying about the wrinkles and creases that start to appear on our skin. We look at ourselves more often in the mirror. And start to apply more and more foundation to hide these creases and wrinkled and make it look like we have the smoothest skin. But have we stopped to wonder why we start to worry about it only when we reach a certain age and not before that. Is there anything that we can do before that will not make the wrinkles so obvious so suddenly? Read on to find out.

Protecting your beautiful skin from the sun

Exposure to sun rays is the main culprit behind the wrinkles and creases that start appearing on our skin. The Ultra Violet rays in the sun is what is harmful to our skin. Therefore we should ensure that we are well protected from it which is the best anti aging treatments you can give yourself. But it’s not like we can stay closed up inside our houses forever. We have to step outside at some point. But make sure this is not when the sun is directly above you or when the heat is at its peak. And when you do make sure you are wearing a broad spectrum SPF and if you going to be exposed for long periods of time then make sure to re-apply every 30 minutes.

Hydration is a must

Water is essential to keep our skin healthy. Even experts at a skin clinic Melbourne CBD will tell you the same. We usually take it for granted and most of us don’t actually remember how many times a day we drink water and if we drink enough. Because it’s the water we consume that will moisturize our skin. Without it our skin becomes dry and flaky and loses its shine. And dry skin is more prone to develop wrinkles faster than well moisturized skin.

Avoid certain types of food

You are what you eat. And what we eat affects many aspects of our lives. And it plays an important role with how our skin looks as well. We need to make sure we eat foods rich in anti-oxidants because these help our body to get rid of oxygen free radicals which tend to speed up the aging process in our body. Such food includes the green leaves, berries of all sorts and fish rich in omega three fatty acids. Try and keep the intake of sugar and fats as low as possible.

Although it’s not possible to completely stop our skin from losing its moisture and elasticity as we age there is nothing preventing us from making it happen as a gradual process.